Snapchat Server down today: Snapchat is not opening and app crashing login servers

Snapchat down today - Snapchat not opening and app crashing login servers

SNAPCHAT is down tonight for thousands of users who are unable to open the app or see it crash. UPDATE : Snapchat is shutting down for thousands of users tonight and while some are able to log in again, many are unable to access core features. The most recent update from the Snapchat support team … Read more

Host Gator Web Hosting Offer

hostgator offer

Get Ready For Our Summer Sale Next Week!Thanks to your great success in May, we decided to bring you another winning promotion. Next week we’ll be running our third sale for 2020 and we hope you’re just as excited about it as we are. We’re offering 70% off all of our annual shared hosting packages† … Read more

Want To Get More From Your IPhone? Read These Tips

Want To Get More From Your IPhone Read These Tips

You are probably already aware that the iPhone is no ordinary phone. But have you figured out all the tips and whistles buried deep in your iPhone? The tips below can help you enjoy your iPhone. Getting a larger keyboard makes web with your iPhone.The iPhone has the capability to provide you with a bigger … Read more

How To Force Restart Your iPhone X When It’s Acting Up

Force Restart the iPhone X When It's Acting Up

From time to time, an iPhone will freeze up and get inert because of a product glitch. It tends to be a carriage application that some way or another meddles with iOS or a product update that some way or another didn’t introduce appropriately. Whatever the reason, it’s protected to state that no iPhone is … Read more

Reply to Text on Your AirPod Without Siri Reading Out Your Messages

Reply to Texts on Your AirPods Without Siri Reading Out Your Messages

Your iPhone’s “Report Messages with Siri” highlight is unadulterated Apple. On the off chance that you have a couple of associated AirPods (second era or more current), Siri can peruse your messages to incredibly in, and you can say “Answer” to send one back. In any case, that characteristic stream is disturbed once Siri peruses … Read more

Quickly Disable Annoying iPhone Notifications Without Digging Through Settings

Quickly Disable Annoying iPhone Notifications Without Digging Through Settings

Are your iPhone’s warnings crazy? Do you end up forgetting about discussions and significant cautions because of overpowering mess? Try not to burrow through your settings to handle your warnings wilderness in light of the fact that there’s a simple method to tame these cautions — directly from Notification Center itself. In the first place, … Read more

Customize the App Icons on Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Customize the App Icons on Your iPhone's Home display

On the off chance that there’s one thing iOS isn’t known for, it’s adaptability. Apple keeps things under tight control, and that is a piece of what makes iOS such a fantastic working framework, however it’s not incredible for those of us who like to change the presence of our iPhones. In any case, that … Read more

Save Your YouTube Videos Direct In to Your iPhone’s Camera Roll


Downloading YouTube recordings for disconnected use to observe later has consistently been a dangerous undertaking. Devoted outsider applications don’t keep going long in the App Store, online converters aren’t useful on portable, and maverick applications outside the App Store are precarious to sideload and open up the chance of vulnerabilities. In any case, that doesn’t … Read more

Jailbreak Your iPhone with Your Android Phone or Tablet

jailbreak your iphone

A somewhat energizing advancement has as of late surfaced in the jailbreaking scene for iPhone. The Checkm8 bootrom abuse was flaunted to general society by axi0mX, which cleared a path for the undefeatable checkra1n escape device. With it, you can unreservedly escape an assortment of more seasoned iPhone models with no limitations. The achievement rate … Read more